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Like a 2022 engine in a retro Singer Porsche, the movement powering this watch is thoroughly modern. It is the Audemars Piguet caliber 4409, the in-house automatic chronograph familiar from the Code 11.59. In that watch, it goes under the 4401 nomenclature, and here, it has had the date complication removed. The skeletonized rotor of the 11.59 has been swapped for one with an elegant hobnail pattern, finished to the exemplary standards expected of Audemars Piguet. I know, it is not hand-wound like the original ref. 1533, but get with the concept 〞 this is a remaster, not a reissue. So, this is a beautifully High end Replica watches finished movement, but not made for the same purist that would buy an Omega Speedmaster ※Ed White§. It*s exquisite but robust with a superb 70-hour reserve.

While I had never thought of watches as currency up until that point, I wasn’t blind to the obvious trend that was in full swing. It has been hard to deny that the topic of money and investing has dominated the discussions about watches in the last 3–5 years. Seeing watches as currency, however, is one step beyond that. And if you talk to the other Fratello team members, they also do not approach the world of watches in that way. Neither would we want to. We have nothing against making money with watches. If you’re smart in your decisions, buying the right watches will allow you to get access to other much-desired watches in a higher price bracket. This has been part of watch collecting ever since the beginning.
But there is a clear discrepancy between speculating on price increases and the deeply rooted passion for watches. Unless, of course, your passion is not for the watches themselves but for making money with them instead. Watches have become order fake rolex watches sought-after moneymakers like real estate, art, cars, wine, whisky, and other collectibles. People are willing to spend sums of money on watches that we have never witnessed before. And with double-digit annual returns on watch investments, you can’t blame the people that do. As such, it has become an integral part of the watch universe. I think as watch enthusiasts, we had to adapt to this new phenomenon. Words like passion and integrity are quickly lost in the mechanism of speculating for profits. But does that make it a bad thing? Or can high prices help you as an enthusiast?

Of course, I’ve praised the creative font design of the brand openly before, but I’d done so in the context of its application to the very special dial surface. Rather shallowly, I hadn’t appreciated just how strong a brand identifier it was. Now, seeing it removed from the enamel base it has thus far called home, I can appreciate that this brand is much more than the scintillating enamel skills we associate with it.

The timeless design of the first water-resistant rolex replica presidential series Czech watch for the mass market made it one of the most beloved and most collectible Prim watches of all time. If you like it, make sure to get the first generation Prim Sport before it becomes too expensive for what it is!

Here I have to be honest. Before Instagram, the world of watch collecting was a little more diverse. Everyone wants a Royal Oak. I get that. I assume that very few people know exactly what a Royal Oak is. Royal Oaks are available to everyone, even if you're not an expert collector or an advanced watchmaker. But they used to be a watch that only the knowledgeable would buy. The monobloc design, hand-finished and beautifully constructed caliber 2121 and the Genta history were all known to those in the know. For most people, the name Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is what makes them feel something.

The event ended with an amazing dinner in a Noordwijk china wholesale rolex replicas villa near the ESA Space Center. It was a great time to exchange stories and show some of the watches that attendees brought with them. I thank all the guests who attended this Speedy Tuesday Event in the Netherlands and the Omega teams from Switzerland and Benelux. Also, a big thank you to ESA in Noordwijk.

EUR 1,500 (polished or brushed steel)

The dial is finished bell and ross replica watches with a horizontally-ridged texture, a novel design and our attempt to create a unique stylistic element.”


Both brands and watches have their fans and communities. Design-wise, the Moonwatch is the one that has remained virtually unchanged in the past 60+ years. On the other hand, the Carrera exists in all sorts of variations, though its earliest form is simply not around anymore. But is that a bad thing? It doesn’t need to be, but the success of the Moonwatch might be in the fact it never really changed much. It’s a classic.

Case: 316L vertical-brushed stainless steel

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